Murabba Or Mango Jelly Recipe

Murabba or Mango Jelly

Murabba can be prepared using many fruits separately or we can also make mixed fruit jelly. Fruits which can be used are Apple, Gooseberry (Amla) Mango, and Plum etc. You can have it with Roti, bread or gulp spoonful of Murabba or Mango Jelly. I still remember my mom use to prepare it during summers and she use to prepare either using raw mango or Amla. I still cherish those days when use to have yummy Murabba on fingers and then enjoy its taste.

There are some benefits of having Mango or Amla Murabba during summers. It prevents from water loss in human body, cures blood disorder, also prevents from sun stroke. Raw Mango reduces acidity too. As for many people it is difficulty to have raw mango as it is soar in taste so we can prepare Murabba and have it easily. Also now a days it is found  kids are more into a junk food and avoid eating chapattis. So you can put some Murabba (Mango Jelly) on chapatti and give it to your kids I am sure they will enjoy having it. Altogether Murabba or Mango Jelly takes almost 15-20 for preparation and 25-30 min for cooking.

Murabba Or Mango Jelly

Ingredients :

  • 1 kilogram of Raw mangoes
  • Sugar 1 ½ Kilograms
  • Green cardamom seeds
  • Saffron (Kesar) crushed 1 teaspoon

How to make it :

Step 1: Wash raw mangoes properly so as to drain off heat of the mangoes, and wipe it using clean cloth.

Step 2: Peel off all the mangoes.

Step 3: Halve the mangoes, remove seeds and then cut into small cubes.

Step 4: Put a steamer on the cooker and without touching water steam the cubes.

Step 5: Spread steamed mango cubes on a cloth and keep till it cools down completely.

Step 6: Take a thick bottomed pan, heat sugar with 6 cups of water and prepare a Sugar syrup, of two string consistency.

Step 7: Add steam mango cubes into the sugar syrup, and cook it on low heat.

Step 8: Crush cardamom seeds and add into the mixture, also add crushed saffron (Kesar). Stir the mixture. Cook it on low heat till the mixture become thick and translucent.

Step 9: Cool the mixture and pour into a jar.

Some important tips:

  • Use less sour mangoes, else you have to add more sugar to it. Also Murabba or mango jelly of sour mangoes will not taste good.
  • When you steam the mango cubes dry it proper, let it settle down and cool it completely. Else it will start spreading in sugar syrup.
  • Preserve it in jar for long time it will taste better.
  • You can prepare Amla Murabba using same process.

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